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  Via Marcona 12, 20129 Milano, Italy
  Phone: 39 02 54108585
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Luca Scacchetti Architects was established in Milan in 1978 to deliver architectural, planning and interior design services distinguished by design quality, a good project and technical management, and a total commitment to achieving client's objectives. Led by founding principal Luca Scacchetti, the firm brings to each project the insight and knowledge of a wide number of architects, designers, architectural historians, structural engineers, landscape architects, urban planners, that have gained in the design, construction and renovation of several buildings and projects throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia. Luca Scacchetti has been professor of Architectural Design at the Politechnic School of Architecture in Milan from 1976 to 1986 and Director of the Architecture Department at the European Institute of Design from 1990 to 1995. Combining theory with practice he integrated his academical position with practicing profession and in 1978 he formed his own firm. One of his main interest is to look into culture and history of the sites in which he has the opportunity to work, and this is the reason why every project has his own character, more naturally related with the place than with a personal style. This is also the reason why the firm has attracted a lot of outstanding designers and technical architects;  the pool of technical expertise, the breadth of large-project experience and its typological variety are considerable. Luca Scacchetti Architects has built a significant portfolio of urban planning in different scales, and  of architecture both in renovation and new construction. In addition the firm brings to each interior, exhibition, furniture and product design the same attention, technical, materials and administrative expertise and a total commitment to the better outcomes, as demonstrated by the several furniture brands and fair committee that require  services and consultancy. The office operates through a team structure, with design, project management and technical professionals working together to develop design solutions that meet the exacting requirements of each client's program and the high Italian architectural quality. Our architects and designers are fully proficient in the technological standards of the industry and our architectural historians provide artistical and historical knowledge in renovation and preservation projects.

Luca Scacchetti