Via Lombardini 22 20143 Milano, Italy
  Phone: 39 02 36 59 62 00
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Lombardini22 group was born in 2007 thanks to the initiative of six professionals belonging to different backgrounds but united by the same concept of work and the same values of respect, esteem and attention for the client. After a merger-through-incorporation process, in July 2015 Lombardini22 Srl and DEGW Italia Srl become one: Lombardini22 SpA, a limited liability company. DEGW maintains its own identity and its famous red trademark. Now the partners are seven. Today Lombardini22 is a laboratory with more than 140 people, a creative and dynamic workplace, which has a long history to tell. The name Lombardini22 corresponds to the address and underlines the connection with one of the most characteristic areas of the city, the Navigli, where began the history of Milan as entrepreneurial and working city. A recently re-evaluated district undergoing building rebirth, where the human dimension is trying to prevail again over that depersonalized metropolis. Lombardini22 world is the desire to design together, in the pursuit of the relationship between people: the members of the group, client, experts, associates, suppliers, time after time the most suitable partners to achieve the greatest outcome, aiming at partnership and mutual support.

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