Bruno Huber Architetti SA


  Via Bagutti 45, CH-6900 Lugano, Swiss
  Phone: 41 91 9719878
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Bruno Huber, born in Lugano in 1957, after attending the high school was fired in 1976. He graduated from the faculty of architecture at ETH Zurich Federal ETHZ in 1982. After several "stages" in architectural Studios in Switzerland and abroad, he joins his father, Alex, with whom he collaborated on various projects until 1992. In 1993 he opened a studio on his own with his brother Matthew and continues its activities by participating in numerous national and international competitions, carrying out worldwide works. Member of the Central Committee of the Professional Group of Architects SIA, CSEA and OTIA member. He participates in several juries of national and international architecture. In recent years he made several industrial buildings, administrative and living in Switzerland, Australia, Hungary, Holland and America. The activity of the designer is not limited to ideas for new buildings but also to restorations and renovations. His study also deals with the collaboration of Matthew Huber in urban planning. 

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