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The Studio founded by Edoardo Milesi in 1979 was immediately oriented towards a construction characterized by environmentally regulated dictates in the context of a “strong” interpretation of reality. The landscaping and environmental interest is married to the social one involving collaborators with similar attitudes able to guarantee a consistency of methods and of direction that, despite the operating flexibility in multiple project areas, denotes an immediate recognition of the works characterized by a constant research.  The principle characteristic of the Studio is precisely its involvement in the most varied project areas with a multitude of works achieved from the restoration of national monuments to recovery plans and transformation on an urban scale, from manufacturing plants to advanced tertiary, from private residences to tourist and cultural accommodation, from school buildings to those for worship and public entertainment. Research has been a mark of the studio’s activities to the point of giving him a publishing house and a periodical magazine active since 2009 that involves an international editing staff. The public competitions in which it participates uninterruptedly since its foundation bring it international fame and acquiring a clientele of considerable weight. From 1990 to 2001 it worked with Olivetti in advanced services. Many works have been recipients of international prizes and published in specialized reviews. The Collemassari cellar, the Buonarroti di Cinigiano middle school, the Incarnation of Siloe monastery are catalogued in the Office of the Siena and Grosseto Supervision as contemporary assets subject to protection. The most well known projects: the new Cistercian monastery of Siloe; the Collemassari cellar; the Lallio middle school; the Colle Massari castle; the Vicarello castle; restoration of the church of Madonna delle Grazie del Calcinaio in Cortona, and the Sant’Agostino a Siena complex; the Lovere lakefront; the re-use of the industrial complex at Stezzano; the Professional School at Haiti; the multi-ethnic school at Girocastro; the national library of Helsinki; the concert hall at Grosseto; the Montecucco tourist complex.The following collaborate with Edoardo Milesi: Paolo Abbadini, Stefano Affinito, Vittorio Alessio, Santina Ambrosini, Alice Arizzi, Stefano Baretti, Veronica Belloli, Paolo Belloni, Laura Belotti, Roberto Belotti, Mario Bonicelli, Deborah Borsatti, Ersilia Brambilla, Cristian Carrara, Monica Carminati, Elena Cattaneo, Marcello Cecconi, Damiano Cerami, Angelo Colleoni, Giulia De Lucia, Lina De Sando, Davide Fagiani, Marco Fattorini, Alessandra Francesca Ferrari, Christian Figaroli, Silvia Fumagalli, Luca Furlani, Matteo Galeno, Angela Pia Gelmetti, Fabiana Gelmini, Ivana Ghirardi, Mara Gotti, Mary Grassenis, Michele Guerini, Margherita Inzoli, Sandra Susana Marchesi, Laura Marioni, Marzia Medici, Laura Merla, Tiziano Merlini, Giulia Anna Milesi, Valeria Moliterno, Elena Musitelli, Carlo Pasinetti, Francesca Perani, Marco Percassi, Elena Pezzotta, Ramona Pianetti, Laura Pizzi, Irene Puorto, Lucia Righetto, Alessandra Rigoli, Matteo Rizzi, Alessandra Rottigni, Eduardo Santamaria, Massimo Silvestri, Paolo Sterni, Sato Takeshi, Ana Luisa Costa Silva Teixeira, Marco Vavassori, Ilaria Vedovati, Paolo Vimercati, Andrea Volpe, Zdravko Vuleta, Michele Zambetti, Paolo Zanchi.

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