Moodis Milano


  corso San Gottardo, 15 20136 Milano, Italy
  Phone: +39 02 78625142
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MOODISMILANO was established in Milan from the vision of a group of professionals distinguished by several competences and by a passion for the “Italian way of life”, in order to create a global project in which art and design could shine together. The studio focuses on Italian craftsmanship and design, conveying the sought-after global aura represented by Italian taste and style around the world. It understands and further develops the fruits of our culture, blending them in a fragrant and warm original mix, based on the know-how and expertise of its professionals within the different areas of luxury lifestyle. MOODISMILANO conjures up refined and sophisticated ambiences, where elegance and taste fuel every single aspect of life.Luxury, attention to details, winding shapes and craft precision are guaranteed by a team of craftsmen who epitomize Italian design history.Volumes, shapes and solutions designed for demanding clients where the ancient Italian art is blended with modern technology and future. MOODISMILANO stands for a high-end, subtle luxury, as opposed to opulence, a concise vision of gleaming beauty without an excessive abundance of materials.The studio has a clear vision of style and it helps satisfying the needs of its most demanding clients.

MOODISMILANO represents a vibrant project/object-of-desire powerfully interpreted according to contemporary feelings.

Alessandro Oteri flagship store