Lorena Fasolini Architetto


  via Valparaiso 10/2 20144 Milano, Italy
  Phone: +39 02 49524504
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The “Lorena Fasolini architects” Firm work in the construction field mainly dealing with architecture: the design of residential, renovation, restoration of historic buildings, hotel projects, urban planning implementation. The project is developed in all phases: concept, draft and executive. The project aims to be the expression of the synergy between the designer, the contractor and the place where it will be realized. Fruit of the active cooperation of each participant in the operation, combined with the memory of the place, each individual project will represent the product. The projects are developed with the help of modern technology CAD for architecture, with the use of three-dimensional parametric programs constantly updated, which can allow control of the entire design process. The firm has been using BIM (Building Information Modeling) since 2004, throughout the design cycle. However, traditional graphic techniques are also used, like hand drawing and watercolor for some representations, reminiscent of artistic training. The firm also makes use of external collaborations with other industry professionals, to develop every aspect of the design and construction of building, such as structural engineers, installers, technicians, land, real estate developers, graphic designers and builders.

Residenza Ronchetto

Residenza Sant’Aquilino