Crea International


  via Olmetto, 9 20123 Milano, Italy
  Phone: +39 02 3656 3870
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identity: our mission is to bring to life the brand strategy within physical brand space based on a consistent service design innovation and a strong branding language, shaping powerful design concepts according to the way people engage with them.

methodology: the Physical Brand Design methodology aims at giving birth to places which becomes meaningful habitats where human social values are carefully analyzed and    conveyed within.

spirit: our vision is to create sense making experiences by a constant and determined commitment to brand's innovation by deeply understanding the soul of the brand. We give birth to unique design stories inspired by our creative spirit, Amm.

crew: we are a multidisciplinary team, combining strategists, interior designers, architects, graphic designers, visual experts, product designers and international partners working alongside the client, from brief to the project.    

Flagship Open Store Wind