A++ Matteo Pellicciari


  via Durini, 7 Milano 20122, Italy
  Phone: +39 02 39292470
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A++ is an innovative approach to today’s architecture and design worlds.
We believe that progress and innovation do not depend on lone thinkers with high IQs but are rather based on diverse people working together and capitalizing on their individuality. A++ is the result of the awareness of the need to support and gain from the diversity represented by people and cultures, it is an omnidirectional aperture to people, companies and institution that, by sharing the same vision, are capable of unleashing an enormous power of creativity and innovation, thus delivering an unprecedented amount of professionalism, expertise, products, materials and finishes, performing a definite cut to distances and cultural boundaries and opening a preferential window to european and international scenes, to all A++’s members and clients.

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