To better understand what is most important for the human being, we must not only intend the aspects related to those physical and health, but also to the mental aspect, a well-being that comes from the inten- se emotions that the outside world gives us. Thanks to the advanced technology applied to architecture and design, our cities are changed and become more modern, The comfort of living is the center of current and future projects, details enriched by the form, ascend to perfection, precious furnishings that bring past years elegance, but with a modern twist as for the last “new deco” trend.

In the design article, 15 items chosen by us, created by the most famous designers in the world for the most prestigious Italian brands, become real “cult” objects, icons that will remain forever in the collective me- mory and that they can influenced with their personality, our “modus vivendi”. With Skyway, the new Monte Bianco cableway, the architecture reaches height never explored, a true gem of engineering and technology, that in just 19 minutes trip, takes visitors up to 3,466 meters, one step away from heaven. We have dedicated a special focused on the world concerts halls, which their advanced acoustic and sound qualities, they completely immerse the audience in the music, giving magical moments.
The images of the projects, always foreground in our magazine, will give an insight into its complexity, trying to highlight those aspects also not caught in the immediacy such as: the genius loci, the environmental im- pact the choice of materials and the refinement of the details, leaving the reading for those wishing to deepen the content.

Cecilia Pilone 

chief director