We present each year the excellence of the creative genius of designers and architects who have combined know-how and experience to fantasy and imagination, their projects are a synergy between highly qualified knowledge and cutting edge creativity. Waiting for the next “Salone del Mobile in Milan”, we give space to young designers of the “Salone Satellite” with an article devoted entirely to them, with a particular attention to the news of the prototypes realized with the digital manufacturing using 3D printing, increasingly present in the current design..

Moving for the first time from Germany to France from Italy to Switzerland we collected the projects of the most inspiring architects of the place giving birth to different cultural and economic aspects of the various countries. 

In Milan, waiting for Expo 2015, the global event that will take place in the capital of Lombardy from May 1 to October 31, it is emerging the Italian Pavilion, created with the know-how of Italian companies, which have distributed to the project demonstrating the great Italian contemporary creativity. Along with these great accomplishments there is something that with its height has dramatically changed the landscape of the Milan’s skyline, the skyscraper Allianz, modernizing the city and giving it the tallest building to Italy. 

Do not miss the projects of schools, theaters and libraries, fundamental to the culture, Paris is one example, a flurry of activity, the University of Paris-Sorbonne Clignancourt expands and dresses of many colors, as well as the Theatre of Cergy which is covered with golden scales. And not last but least the school of the future, “the New Gymnasium in Bochum”, which is a milestone, inside and outside, of modern architecture combined with avant-garde technology. The school boasts all the features required to be certified as a “Green Building” and is an architectural piece of art.

In Lugano one of the most representative buildings of the city has been restored and dress again with the addition of a modern part completely new but in armony with the surrounding landscape. 

Even leisure becomes important when it comes to playgrounds Wellness&Spa.

The architectural volumes blend with the emotional and warm environment of the Acquaparco Splash & Spa Tamaro in the Switzerland Riviera Monteceneri. 

We also caught the spiritual and meditative aspect with the project “Autobahnkirche”, a church along the highway in Wilnsdorf in Germany, open 24 hours for those who want to stop and pray or take a few minutes of reflection in a place of silence and meditation. 

Last not least we finish the wide range of reports with the first Italian Duty Free store in Rome Fiumicino Airport of the brand AELIA, known brand in travel retail.



Cecilia Pilone 

chief director