The budget building activity in 2013 has not been generally positive, the index of production in construction declined, however, showed a slight recovery in the third quarter that showed a rise of 1,6%.

Perhaps it is still too early to talk of a turnaround and growth, but in the territory are taking place a number of new infrastructure projects and also in view of Expo 2015, that will surely give a new impetus to the crisis of activities on site. Expo will be the biggest event in the world on the subject of nutrition, will be implemented in stages and  the EXPO site will occupy an area of ove 1 million square meters with a total value of 150 million Euro, bringing 130 countries around the world to learn about our culture, history and especially our way of life. The magazine, as always, will try to assess the projects that focus on cultural heritage nationally and internationally as the Museum of the History of Bologna in palazzo Pepoli, the renovation and expansion of the historic Excelsior Hotel Gallia in the heart of Milan; the institutional projects of the station and of the University of Geneva and the largest aquarium in Europe in Denmark. 

In addition, in this publication, there will also be a special dedicated to the creative genius of architecture Swiss, seven studies of architecture among the most famous in Switzerland, so published in english version, italian and french.

I take this opportunity, as always, to thank all the people who have contributed to this new number and hope you enjoy reading.



Cecilia Pilone

chief director