We are pleased to present the second edition of the magazine architettura & design.Also in this issue we have tried to focus on recent projects and works in progress that are changing the urban landscape of our cities and at the same time also our way of life. The architecture, living organism of connection between past and future, through this hard period of economic crisis and identity, responding to the emergency current of energy efficiency- environment with the use of more modern and innovative low energy consumption and environmental waste, for a more social targeted commitment.

One common denominator: zero impact, use of natural materials such as wood, stone, marble, eco-sustainability with new earthquake-resistant construction solutions and alternative energy sources such as renewable as natural and without limitation: water, sun and terrestrial heat.

The design meets the new requirements of the time and we talk about recycling. Materials such as propylene mixed with wood fibers and recovery, return to life, fine cements that mixed with other substances specific, can become so malleable as to cover any surface customizing the environment. Barrels and wooden mooring posts now corroded by time that are transformed by famous designers in true objects of art.

Hauses are more and more essentiality of their forms and in the living comfort, but functional and technological: led, home automation systems with a single touch that control the entire lighting, intelligently and users increasingly demanding and cutting edge.

The decor follows the construction cycle that keeps in mind the environment and recycling. The eco design will surely be the new trend of living in the future for a better quality of life.

I thank all those who have contributed and made possible the realization of this publication, and especially to all those businesses that have supported me and  my team, wishing you pleasant reading. With the hope to be useful in your research for new materials and ideas but especially of human resources in an area in which is making a lot of effort, even on national territory to be in step with the times and new regulations in terms of safety and reliability.



Cecilia Pilone

chief director