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Rivista architettura & design

The rivista architecture & design is a specific and international magazine of architecture and design,which is published annually in: Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium and Austria.

It presents the most innovative projects of architecture and contemporary design, which change sustainably the urban landscape of our cities. It's sent free of charge to the selected architectural firms, professionals and businesses in this specific sector and to private and institutional investors. This makes " rivista architettura & design" the first international architecture magazine specializing in Europe. Moreover, its particularity is to provide simultaneously significant visibility to companies operating in the field and who work alongside architects in the creation of architectural works, both with their service that with their products. This will be a presentation for the companies in their specific branch, both nationally and internationally, pointing out, in this way, their commitment and knowledge in their field and giving them the opportunity to significantly increase future opportunities for new collaborations. We prefer to present our client- companies and their products not as pure advertising, but rather with an editorial report in which we highlight the projects caring out  their competence in the specific sector in which they operate.